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Protein Interaction
Poster Title: Protein Interaction
Submitted on 28 Aug 2020
Author(s): Caroline Green
Affiliations: Creative BioMart
This poster was presented at Creative BioMart
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Poster Information
Abstract: As a leader specialized in protein interaction analysis, Creative BioMart has acquired much experience and expert knowledge in protein interaction study. Whether you work in basic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or agro-biotech research, we provide you with cutting-edge techniques to study protein interaction. Our customer-dedicated organization allows our passionate scientists to share scientific expertise with thousands of customers all over the world.

Summary: Protein–protein interactions (PPIs) are the physical contacts of high specificity established between two or more protein molecules as a result of biochemical events steered by interactions that include electrostatic forces, hydrogen bonding and the hydrophobic effect. References: abuse »
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