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Proteomics—A Major New Technology for Drug Discovery
Poster Title: Proteomics—A Major New Technology for Drug Discovery
Submitted on 25 Aug 2020
Author(s): Creative Proteomics
Affiliations: Creative Proteomics
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Abstract: The concept of proteomics has been used in the field of pharmaceutical research, thereby developing pharmacoproteomics. This field includes: discovery of all possible drug targets and all possible compounds for these targets; study of drug action mechanisms and toxicology; drug screening. It is also possible to classify patients according to protein profiles, to provide individualized treatment, and to predict drug efficacy. Nowadays, the pharmaceutical proteomics has penetrated into all aspects of drug discovery and clinical application.Summary: Proteomics is a discipline that analyzes the dynamics of protein components, including expression levels and modification states from a holistic perspective, understands the interactions and connections between proteins, reveals the function of proteins and the laws of cell life, and studies all proteins in cells and their behaviors. References: abuse »
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