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Rapid Detection of Perfume Quality by GC-IMS
Poster Title: Rapid Detection of Perfume Quality by GC-IMS
Submitted on 26 Apr 2021
Author(s): Tylor Keller
Affiliations: Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab
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Poster Information
Abstract: Gas chromatographic (GC) analysis is a fast and efficient method for qualitative analysis by comparing with the retention time of standard materials. It has the advantages of high separation efficiency and wide application range. However, for substances with the same or close retention time, the accuracy of the qualitative analysis results is low, so GC technology is usually used in combination with other detection methods to maximize its advantages.

Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS), also known as plasma chromatography and gas phase electrophoresis, is an electrophoresis technique in a gas phase environment. It separates and analyzes substances based on the molecular mass, charge, and collision interface of the analyzed substance, and has the ability to separate mixtures similar to chromatography. In addition, it has high sensitivity, the lowest detection amount can reach 10~14g, and it can even distinguish asymmetric isomers. IMS has high selectivity, according to different analysis objects and requirements, different ion sources, anion and cation modes, additives and so on can be selected to effectively reduce or even eliminate the influence of interfering substances. Compared with mass spectrometry, IMS does not need vacuum and special gas system, and has the advantages of simple analysis process, low cost, small equipment size and low energy consumption, so it is often used in conjunction with GC technology to detect gas.
Summary: Rapid testing is an effective means to ensure product quality and safety. In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of perfume quality testing results, it is essential to strengthen the introduction and innovation of related technologies.

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