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Reasons for Choosing Our Cancer Panels
Poster Title: Reasons for Choosing Our Cancer Panels
Submitted on 01 Jul 2021
Author(s): CD Genomics
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Abstract: CD Genomics is an innovative sequencing and genotyping company. Our Disease Panel platform provides a series of proprietary, ultra-high multiplexed NGS target enrichment technology that integrates the company’s advanced panel design. The cancer panels are designed to address the practical needs of cancer-related studies. These panels are featured an innovative background cleaning technique that allows plenty of amplicons to be multiplexed in a single reaction pool, allowing a large number of cancer-related genes to be detected in a single assay. They can be designed as ready-to-use panels or as customized assays.Summary: CD Genomics is dedicated to providing the highest level of sequencing services. With various solution options and experienced scientists, we offer the most suitable strategies according to your sample and research purpose. To find more about Cancer Panels, please feel free to contact us.
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