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Recent advances in preventing tobacco related health problems
Poster Title: Recent advances in preventing tobacco related health problems
Submitted on 17 Jul 2019
Author(s): Dr Ruttika Desai
Affiliations: Dr D Y Patil Dental College and Hospital
This poster was presented at 20th IAPHD National Conference 2015
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Poster Information
Abstract: The tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing around 6 million people a year. India is the second largest consumer of tobacco in the world, second only to China.
Prevention of tobacco use can reduce the burden of tobacco related health problems and improve quality of life in developing countries like India. In addition to traditional methods, recent methods of prevention can be implemented in different domains. In medical domain, drugs like bupripion, varenicline have been used successfully. A combination of pharmacotherapy with nicotine replacement therapy has also been used. Recently E-cigarettes and nicotine vaccines are being used to help patients quit tobacco. Behaviour therapies include cognitive behavior therapy and contingency management to help patients. Educational domain uses mass media for educating and motivating patients to quit, and non-tobacco users to understand the ill effects of tobacco use. Empowering the people to resist direct or indirect use of tobacco by making them aware of the laws like ban on smoking in public places, workplaces and health institutions, ban on sale to and by minors and sale of tobacco products within 100 yards of educational institutions. National policies like The National Tobacco Control Programme which was piloted during the 11th Five Year Plan was a major leap forward for tobacco control initiatives in the country. At no other time before have there been so many promising preventive methods to control tobacco related health problems. Supporting approaches that foster collaborations across the full spectrum of tobacco control research and practice will be critical for eliminating tobacco-related health problems, and we hope that in future these preventive methods are prioritized.
Summary: This poster entails the various prevention and intervention methods used in tobacco control. there are 5 basic domains with various tobacco control methods in each domain.References: 1. Needleman I, Warnakulasuriya S, Sutherland G, Bornstein MM, Casals E, Dietrich T, Suvan J. Evaluation of tobacco use cessation (TUC) counselling in the dental office. Oral health & preventive dentistry. 2006 Jan 1;4(1).
2. Casella G, Caponnetto P, Polosa R. Therapeutic advances in the treatment of nicotine addiction: present and future. Therapeutic advances in chronic disease. 2010 Sep;1(3):95-106.
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