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Ribosome Display
Poster Title: Ribosome Display
Submitted on 27 Jul 2020
Author(s): Creative Biolabs
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Abstract: Ribosome display is a completely cell-free system for the in vitro selection of proteins and peptides from large libraries. As it is completely performed in vitro, it circumvents many drawbacks of in vivo systems. It can display very large libraries, suitable for generating toxic, proteolytically sensitive and unstable proteins, and also allows amino acids modification at defined position. In ribosome display, an individual nascent protein to its corresponding mRNA couples through the formation of stable protein-ribosome-mRNA (PRM) complexes, and this complex serves as the physical link between genotype and phenotype. mRNAs are isolated from target-binding complexes, reverse transcribed and amplified as DNA for further manipulation and protein expression. The PRM complex is very stable. The integrity of PRM can be maintained for several days under appropriate conditions, which provide a good way for stringent selections. Besides, ribosome display permits the simultaneous isolation of a functional nascent protein, through affinity for a ligand, together with the encoding mRNA. Creative Biolabs has established a unique ribosome display platform based on our proprietary prokaryotic and eukaryotic ribosome display technologies. The ribosome display platform is a superior in vitro cell-free platform that generates peptide, protein and antibody libraries with an unparalleled diversity up to 1015; as a result, extremely high-affinity binders against a variety of targets can be isolated from the libraries.Report abuse »
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