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Robotics in construction enterprise
Poster Title: Robotics in construction enterprise
Submitted on 13 Jan 2022
Author(s): Khalid Abdel Naser Abdel Rahim
Affiliations: Freelance Researcher in Civil Engineering
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Abstract: In the 21st century, robotics has been involved in many industries to increase the productivity and to improve the quality of a produces, working packages and activities.
The industrial sector is considered the leading industry in using robotics. For many years machines have aided in making life easier with heavy duty tasks. Another example, is the agricultural industry which relays majorly on mechanical robotics especially in the developed countries, such as USA, Canada and Germany. Even though robotics has changed and improved many sectors, there are still lots of work which should be done to inject the mechanical robotics works in the construction industry. Robotics can enhance the productivity rate, reduce the cost and improve the quality of construction work packages. Nowadays, mechanical robotics can aid in some construction activities, such as excavations, masonry brick works, painting, concrete pouring and backfilling. However, further ongoing investigations are trying to get construction industry fully relays on robotics.
Summary: There are plenty of developments to get mechanical robotics involved in construction sector and a challenging future in the next century for skilled technicians reports Engineer, KHALID ABDEL NASER ABDEL RAHIM.Report abuse »
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