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Role of Pharmacists in Healthcare
Poster Title: Role of Pharmacists in Healthcare
Submitted on 28 Jul 2020
Author(s): Sania Gore, Anuja Sakpal
Affiliations: Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune
This poster was presented at National Pharmacy Week, Pune
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Poster Information
Abstract: Pharmacy profession is an integral part of healthcare industry worldwide. Pharmacies with well organized practice can go a long way to ensure quality health care for patients. In the past, pharmacists were only responsible for supplying and dispensing medicines. In present day, they are actively involved in the health care team in serving direct care to patients, especially the new generation pharmacists. They also play a major role in providing healthcare services by means of community pharmacy services in rural areas where physicians are not available or where physician services are too costly for meeting the healthcare necessities. Bed side patient care is now implemented in various hospitals, where pharmacists strive and enact their skills in order to achieve the best therapeutic outcomes of the care plan. There are a different healthcare schemes initiated and funded by the Indian Government in which pharmacists also have a greater contribution. to patients. In conclusion, pharmacists have an increased role in interdisciplinary patient care, patient care management, educational interventions and counseling for patients, and provision of information to other healthcare professionals.Summary:
This poster characterizes the various roles played by the pharmacist. in healthcare setup. Previously, pharmacists were known to function only as dispensing medicines. This poster explains a pharmacist’s intervention in clinical and hospital setting in the rational use of antibiotics, promotion of government schemes and monitoring of drugs in patient care unit to bring about the optimum drug therapy to patients.
References: 1. Drug Utilization Study in epilepsy unit, Urmila Asawar
2. Survey conducted on Antibiotic consumption
3. Approach to Pharmacotherapeutics, Koda Kimble; Medicine ICU of a tertiary care hospital
4. Modern Dispensing Pharmacy, Dr Atmaram Pawar
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