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RWE Thought Experiment: Could RWE Have Prevented Today
Poster Title: RWE Thought Experiment: Could RWE Have Prevented Today's Opioid Epidemic? Lessons from 19th Century China
Submitted on 27 Jun 2022
Author(s): Sheila Mahoney MBA, LifeSciHub LLC, William John, MD, Duke Medical School, Luo Zhou, Chinese Studies Librarian Duke University Libraries
Affiliations: LifeSciHub, Duke Medical School
This poster was presented at Drug Information Association 2022 Annual Meeting
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Abstract: This thought experiment seeks to answer 3 fundamental questions:
1. Opioid crisis in 19th century China is unquestionably data, but was it Real World Evidence (RWE)? Why/why not?
2. Historical sources will be mined for data points to parallels between 19th Century China and today’s opioid epidemic. Could these have been used as predictive indicators?
3. Consideration of the temporal nature of data- if we, today, reject all data generated outside of present moment commonly held data and technology standards, what will happen 50 years from now, looking back on data from today?
Summary: A Real World Evidence (RWE) thought experiment to assess how RWE could have played a role in assessing modern day addiction liability of pharmacotherapeutics. Data presented highlighting RWD from the opium epidemic in 19th century China to 21st century opioid epidemic in the U.S.Report abuse »
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