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Screen hours, Room, Number of Gadgets and Their Relation to Sleep Quality among Allied Health Students Enrolled in Online Class
Poster Title: Screen hours, Room, Number of Gadgets and Their Relation to Sleep Quality among Allied Health Students Enrolled in Online Class
Submitted on 30 Nov 2021
Author(s): Chew, Carol; Adap, Joyce Ann; Balmes, Joshua Angelo; Basilio, Iva Kolin; Dela Pedra, Myrra Mae; Escabarte, Carlos Jose; Zamora, Maybelle Anne
Affiliations: Our Lady of Fatima University - Valenzuela Campus, Philippines
This poster was presented at 2021 IMPETUS Philippine Physical Therapy Association Conference
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Abstract: Sleep quality among college students is mostly affected due to the rapid shift of education to online at the onset of the pandemic. This study identifies the factors that are correlated with sleep quality. A correlation research design was utilized to identify the factors. A total of 44 consented and participated in the study. The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index was used to measure sleep quality. Pearson correlation revealed a relationship between number of screen hours, (R value= .330 and P value=.029) number of gadgets (R value=.365 and P value= .015) and while Fisher exact test revealed an association between room (Fisher exact value= 46.18 and P value= .009) and sleep quality. The study documented a statistically significant association between screen hours, number of gadgets as well as the room condition, and poor sleep quality among allied health college students. A moderate to high-intensity step aerobics training for 40 minutes per night time in at least 10 weeks to increase melatonin concentration and have a screen time schedule of gadget use and refrain from using it during bedtime to attain better sleep quality and for further in-depth study with sleep quality a different research approach and larger sample size from different age groups is recommended for better measurement.

Keywords: college students, gadgets, online class, physical therapy, sleep quality
Summary: Screen hours, Room, Number of Gadgets: Factors to Quality of Sleep Among Allied Health Students Enrolled in Online ClassReport abuse »
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