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Sequencing or Array-Based Genotyping
Poster Title: Sequencing or Array-Based Genotyping
Submitted on 04 Jul 2022
Author(s): CD Genomics
Affiliations: CD Genomics
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Abstract: Sequencing-based genotyping assays bring genotyping and genomics research to a crossroads. CD Genomics, as an advanced genomics service provider, has equipped sequencing-based genotyping technologies as well as SNP array services for our global customers. We deliver SNP and SNV discovery, genotype screening, and subsequent association analysis results, dedicated to facilitating research in pharmacogenomics, molecular breeding, genetics, and more. Summary: CD Genomics offers a rapid and accurate custom SNP validation on the MassARRAY MALDI–TOF instrument provided by Agena Bioscience. Our MassARRAY SNP Genotyping system combines mass spectrometry, sensitive and robust chemistry, and advanced data analysis software to meet your SNP genotyping needs.References: abuse »
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