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Sequencing Technologies for DNA 5mC/5hmC Modifications
Poster Title: Sequencing Technologies for DNA 5mC/5hmC Modifications
Submitted on 04 Jul 2022
Author(s): CD Genomics
Affiliations: CD Genomics
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Abstract: With the development of next-generation sequencing technology (NGS) and third-generation sequencing (TGS), modifications including but not limited to 5mC and 5hmC can be analyzed genome wide. These technologies are so-called "DNA methylation sequencing" and allow access to genetic information beyond traditional genomics research. DNA methylation sequencing methods can be divided into four main categories according to their principles. Summary: CD Genomics is a biotechnology company focusing on sequencing technology. With cutting-edge sequencing technology and in-depth bioinformatics analysis, we assist customers in mining genomics information. Our high-throughput 5mC/5hmC sequencing service utilizes multiple mature and stable platforms with high efficiency, simplicity, and accuracy to help your epigenetics research.References:
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