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She Pregnant - but Don
Poster Title: She Pregnant - but Don't Panic!
Submitted on 17 Sep 2018
Author(s): S Hasso, A Rabone, O Westerland, A Jacques, S Natas
Affiliations: Guy's and St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
This poster was presented at BIR Annual Congress 2018
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Poster Information
Abstract: Radiologists are commonly asked about the appropriateness and safety of imaging pregnant and breastfeeding patients, however, investigations can be confusing. Lack of understanding may lead to delays in diagnosis and treatment.

This exhibit will aim to provide an overview of the current guidance regarding indications and safety of X-ray, CT and MRI in pregnant and lactating patients. Guidance on intravenous contrast will also be provided.

This exhibit will:
(1) Explain concepts of ionizing radiation including deterministic and stochastic effects
(2) Explain the potential teratogenic and carcinogenic effects of radiation
(3) Outline the indications and safety of CT in pregnancy
(4) Outline the indications and safety of MRI in pregnancy
(5) Review evidence/guidelines for intravenous contrast in pregnant and lactating patients

Examples are provided of cross sectional imaging in pregnant patients.
Summary: The safety of Imaging pregnant and breastfeeding patients can be confusing. This exhibit gives an overview of the background and recent guidance, regarding the use of ionising radiation and MRI imaging in pregnant and breastfeeding patients,.The safety of intravenous contrast is also reviewed.References: (1) Protection of Pregnant Patients during Diagnostic Medical Exposures to Ionising Radiation, Advice from the Health Protection Agency, The Royal College of Radiology and the Diagnostic College of Radiographers, 2009
(2) Pregnancy and Work in Diagnostic Imaging Departments, 2 edition, BIR 2009
(3) Imaging of Pregnant and Lactating Patients: Part 1, Evidence-Based Review and Recommendations. AJR April 2012; 198:778-784
(4) Imaging Pregnant and Lactating Patients Radiographics 2015: 35: 1751-1765
(5) CTPA for the diagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism during pregnancy: European Radiology, December 2008, vol 18, issue 12 2705-2708
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