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Smart speed control to prevent road accident  using advance Technology
Poster Title: Smart speed control to prevent road accident using advance Technology
Submitted on 04 Mar 2022
Author(s): Enoch Arulprakash
Affiliations: Central University of Tamil Nadu
This poster was presented at Central University of Tamil Nadu
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Poster Information
Abstract: Road Accident is most common in India. Every year thousands of lives are lost by the havoc incidents. Human faults and negligence of duty by the concerned authority is the main reason behind the accidents. Moreover, there is a major challenge in providing a proper imposement of ideal safety protocols (without Cracks, potholes and appropriate signaling and traffic controls) in a continual traffic conditions. Also, Human faults are unavoidable tend to occur in any of the forms as even cautious drivers can lead to the incident without his knowledge. However, there is a tremendous potential to solve this problem from the technological aspect when its benefits are appropriately realized and applied. Among the evolving technologies, Computer Vision and IoT play a key role in solving day-to-day problems. Computer vision is effective in identifying the properties of objects like type, size, and distance of an object from the visuals (camera). Another most evolving technology IoT is impressive in controlling electronic devices with the help of sensors without human intervention. Combining both aspects of these technologies can thrive to outstanding benefit to solve also road accident by smart speed control.Summary: Road transport remains the most favored mode of transport for both freight and passenger movement in India. The fast-growing population, exceptional rate of motorization coupled with the ever growing urbanization has made people vulnerable to frequent road accidents resulting in fatalities, injuries/disabilities. Road accidents kill almost 1.5 lakh people annually this situation in the country has raised a global concern to reduce road accident related deaths by at least 50% by 2030.References: Shantajit, T., Kumar, C. R., & Zahiruddin, Q. S. (2018). ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS IN INDIA: AN OVERVIEW. International Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Research, 4(4), 36–38.

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