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Steps in vaccine production
Poster Title: Steps in vaccine production
Submitted on 05 Dec 2020
Author(s): Rohit Pandey, Saundarya Gupta
Affiliations: Alwar Pharmacy College
This poster was presented at 5th December 2020
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Abstract: Vaccine is biological preparation that provide acquired immunity against a particular infectious disease. The vaccine production has several stages from choosing the right microbe and collecting it, then making copies of the same. The lot produced is then inactivated.
In this presentation I've covered the most basic steps needed to produce the vaccine for use in infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Vaccines are immunostimulants. These may be either bacterial vaccine or viral vaccine. These contain killed or attenuated microorganism and sometimes live microbes too. Antibodies are formed in body against that specific microbe. Production of vaccine takes place with attenuated microbes which can be obtained by heat or passing through foreign host and antigen is collected.
Summary: Vaccines are vital for the patients and saves them from many infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. The production of vaccines involves several steps and when ready undergoes many tests to ensure safety. During production of vaccines strict guidelines and safety measures are taken.References: 1.Jayaraman S, ohri R, "pharmaceutical biotechnology","thakur publication pvt ltd, lucknow, 2019, 116-131
2.Plotkin S,"vaccine, vaccination and vaccinology"," journal of infectious disease" vol 187(9), 2003, may, 1349-1359
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