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STR Profiling
Poster Title: STR Profiling
Submitted on 15 Jun 2022
Author(s): Hannah Cole
Affiliations: Creative Bioarray
This poster was presented at Creative Bioarray
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Abstract: Creative Bioarray STR profiling is critical for verifying the identity of human cell lines, ensuring the uniqueness of the cell line and detecting laboratory errors such as misidentification and cross-contamination of lines. The sensitivity and high power of discrimination makes our STR analysis an ideal choice for the various types of cell authentication.
Summary: Creative Bioarray provides the world’s most comprehensive list of cells, and has realized that animal and human primary cells, tumor cell lines, continuous (immortalized) cell lines, and tissues are very important to the biopharmaceutical industry and to biomedical research as reagents, therapeutic modalities, and as proxy materials. Report abuse »
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