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Study of aquaponics farming system
Poster Title: Study of aquaponics farming system
Submitted on 15 Dec 2021
Author(s): Satyam Vijay Gaikwad
Affiliations: Navsahyadri Institute Of Pharmacy, Naigaon (Nasrapur) Pune 412213
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Poster Information
Abstract: Aquaponics is defined as a
system in which the waste
produced by fish or any
aquatic organism is broken
down as a nutrient for plants
in the same aquatic system
which correspondinlgy
cleans and purifies the
water suitable for fish .The
word aquaponics is derived
from two terms
"Aquaculture" (growing of
fish in close eviroment )and
"hydroponics"( growing
plants in water generally in
soil less enviroment) .
Summary: The aquaponics system directs world to the future of
sustainable farming .It is not yet widely used but can be
accepted globally even in the places with water scarcity
References: 1.Economics of small‐scale commercial aquaponics in Hawai ‘iKanae
Tokunaga,Clyde Tamaru, Harry Ako, PingSun Leung. Journal of the
world aquaculture society 46 (1), 20-32, 2015.
2.Roger Hancock. Water and energy conservation grow system:
Aquaponics and aeroponics with a cycle timer . date-8/2012.
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