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Synonymous Codon Usage Analysis & Gene Expression Pattern : Halophillic Bacteria
Poster Title: Synonymous Codon Usage Analysis & Gene Expression Pattern : Halophillic Bacteria
Submitted on 19 Aug 2015
Author(s): Naveen Sharma, R.K.Sanjukta, Md. Samir Farooqui
Affiliations: Department of Health Research & Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
This poster was presented at IMTECH Chandigarh
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Poster Information
Abstract: Insilico analysis of codon usage biases among 2147 genes of Chromohalobacter salexigens DSM 3043 Showed Codon ending with C/G were highly preferred as compared with A/T ending Codons. The results shows that the maximum usage of hydrophobic amino acids (Ala,, Leu.,Val.,Thr), presence of acidic amino acids (Asp,, Glu) and lower usage Cys. Strong influence of mutational bias on codon bias was seen.However translation selection was also determined to influence codon usage variation among the genes .Furthermore, Genes responsible for transport and binding protein were observed to highly expressed A set of 23 codons were determined as the optimal codons which were significantly more frequently amoung the highly expressed genesby a chi squre test. Summary: SYNONYMOUS CODON USAGE ANALYSIS AND GENE EXPRESSION PATTERN : HALOPHILLIC BACTERIAReferences: SK Gupta, et al. J Biomol Struc Dyn. 2004;21:527. [PubMed]
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