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“Talking Stick” and Other Verbal Turn-taking Strategies
Poster Title: “Talking Stick” and Other Verbal Turn-taking Strategies
Submitted on 02 May 2022
Author(s): Thobias Sarbunan
This poster was presented at Class Disccusion
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Abstract: The following data’ adapted and reconstructed because I see conventional strategies in teaching foreign languages to non-native speakers, can still be effective and efficient as long as the accuracy of the use of the teaching focus is measured. The inspiration for collecting this data, I accidentally saw one of the published scientific articles on literacy, which uses the TS (talking stick) technique to improve communication skills while strengthening the ability to remember, understand, and practice vocabulary in communication using English. Therefore data was converted to voice data which does not detract from the main point of the second scientific source' while the strategy explained can be found below the section, then the audio format is displayed in mp3 formats separately.Summary: DATASET CONVERSING TO POSTERReferences: abuse »
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