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Technological advancement: ensuring reliable data in protein arrays
Poster Title: Technological advancement: ensuring reliable data in protein arrays
Submitted on 19 Aug 2019
Author(s): Maja Kowalewska, Sam Hawkings, Marisa Chong-Kwan and Joan Salvatella
Affiliations: Arrayjet Ltd.
This poster was presented at PEGS Boston (2017)
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Poster Information
Abstract: Producing capture proteins for microarrays is a lengthy and
challenging process and missing values during data analysis
may lead to undesirable biases skewing the outcome of
research projects. The importance of eliminating missing spots
in microarray production is crucial.
With increased high-density printing demands for diagnostics
and biomarker discovery applications, accurate QC of
microarrays is more important than ever. As part of its in-line
QC imaging system, Arrayjet have developed an artificial
intelligence software upgrade that not only recognises missing
samples in real-time but also reprints them automatically.
Summary: Arrayjet have introduced an AI feature to their software that automatically reprints missing spots, ensuring 100% yield on diagnostic microarrays.References: 1. Sydor and Nock, Proteome Science, 2003, 1:3
2. True and Feng, Molecular Diagnostics, 2005, 204
3. Protein Microarrays, 2005
4. SalmeƔn, et al. Nature Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 2880
5. Vickovic, et al. Nature Communications 2017
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