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The Analysis of Electronic Cigarette Solutions by ICP-MS for USP Regulated Contaminates.
Poster Title: The Analysis of Electronic Cigarette Solutions by ICP-MS for USP Regulated Contaminates.
Submitted on 04 Apr 2016
Author(s): Chloe Fernandez
Affiliations: PerkinElmer Internship Georgia Gwinett College
This poster was presented at PittCon 2016
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Abstract: Electronic cigarettes are portable, battery-operated devices that transform a liquid solution containing flavorings and often nicotine into a vapor that gets inhaled via an electronic atomizer. These electronic devices are often promoted as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes; however regulations on the safety of the e-cigarette solutions have not yet been imposed by any federal FDA guidelines. Consequently, many of these solutions have not been vigorously tested for contaminates or other harmful components, including heavy metals. The United States Pharmacopeia does not regulate e-cigarettes; however, it does set guidelines for daily inhalation exposure in pharmaceutical products. These limits are referred to as Permissible Daily Exposure or PDE. In this study five solutions were evaluated by ICP-MS against these limits of daily exposure that are normally reserved for therapeutic drugs. These limits are based upon not only the toxicity of the element but also the concentration and the amount inhaled into the body. It is estimated that smoking 100ul of an e-cigarette solution is equivalent to the smoking inhalation of one traditional cigarette. Therefore, two milliliters of an e-cigarette solution correlates to 20 traditional cigarettes or one pack. A calculation of the daily exposure of heavy metals from the e-cigarette solution can be determined based upon a typical usage of one pack a day of traditional cigarettes. Results reported in this study are in micrograms per 2mls of e-cigarette solution or total micrograms per daily dose. Summary: The Analysis of Electronic Cigarette Solutions by ICP-MS for USP Regulated Contaminates Report abuse »
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