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 The Applications of htDNA-chip® in Healthcare
Poster Title: The Applications of htDNA-chip® in Healthcare
Submitted on 04 Jan 2022
Author(s): Matt Mills
Affiliations: CD BioSciences
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Abstract: Modern medical research has proved that, except for trauma, almost all diseases are related to genes. Just as blood is divided into different blood types, normal genes in the human body are also divided into different genotypes, called genetic polymorphisms. Different genotypes have different sensitivity to environmental factors, and sensitive genotypes can cause diseases under the action of environmental factors. Summary: The medical applications of htDNA-chip® mainly include DNA-based testing, DNA-based therapy, and DNA-based medical beauty. The rapid gene testing is mainly through high-throughput next-generation sequencing of htDNA-chip®. In terms of DNA-based therapy, htDNA-chip® mainly promotes the development of various drugs. References: abuse »
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