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The informativity of the radiological signs in childrens with birth injuries
Poster Title: The informativity of the radiological signs in childrens with birth injuries
Submitted on 01 Oct 2019
Author(s): Yurii Kolomiichenko, Ihor Voronzhev
Affiliations: Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Educations
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Abstract: The informativity of the radiological signs in childrens with birth injuries.
Radiological studies in children of the first three months of life today are not rare, and it is also known that birth injuries, as complications of childbirth, are not uncommon.
The aim of the study was to compare the data of various radiological methods. To determine the significance of radiological signs of different methods in the diagnosis of childbirth. To conduct a correlation between the radiological signs and the clinical condition of the patient.
Comparing among themselves the significance of radiological symptoms of various methods.
60 patients were examined, 33 of them with neurological manifestations and 27 without them.
Conclusions: It is revealed that each method has a different number of symtoms, which also have different informativity.
The greatest importance in all methods, with the most informative was the asymmetry of the lateral masses of atlant, the changes of the height of the lateral atlanto-axial joints and the expansion of the articular cleft of the anterior atlanto-axial joint.
Summary: In this study are compared different methods of radijlogy for injuries of the upper cervical spine.
The diagnostic value of individual diagnostic symptoms and the method as a whole is compared.
A correlation was also made between the severity of symptoms and the severity of the clinical condition of the patients.
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