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The introduction of a radiology course into the medical student curriculum
Poster Title: The introduction of a radiology course into the medical student curriculum
Submitted on 27 Sep 2019
Author(s): Jordan Colman, Laura Waley
Affiliations: Imaging Department, Ashford and St Peter's NHS Foundation Trust
This poster was presented at BIR Annual Congress 2019
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Abstract: Introduction
A recent evidence review found on average only 5% of total medical education teaching is dedicated to radiology[1]. Similarly, an article from the students prospective say they feel they have insufficient pre-clinical radiology teaching[2]. We organised a teaching course for 3 rd year medical student at St Peter’s Hospital with the aim of improving their confidence in interpreting common imaging and increase their interest and knowledge of clinical radiology.

The course consisted of 7 sessions, 1 hour each, on common Radiological imaging to 16 medical students. We performed a questionnaire on all the students before and after the course that tested their confidence in interpreting common radiological images and the likelihood of considering radiology as a career.

Students prior to the course had on average 1 hour of dedicated radiology teaching each. Student’s confidence improved on interpretation of imaging, particularly imaging they were less familiar with. This included limb XRs and CT heads, increasing from a 2.9/10 and 3/10 in confidence respectively to 6.5/10 and 6.7/10. Additionally their average likelihood of considering radiology as a career increased from a 30% chance to a 50% chance.

This course to early clinical year medical students, while only tested on 16, highlighted the lack of pre-clinical teaching on radiology and showed that a brief course can significantly improve student
confidence in imaging interpretation and their attitude towards clinical radiology. We propose similar teaching to all medical students may improve confidence and competence of F1s interpreting radiological imaging.
Summary: We gave a short radiology course to early year medical students and found it improved their confidence in interpreting common imaging and increased their interest in radiology as a career.References: 1 - Heptonstall et al. ‘Integrating Radiology and Anatomy Teaching in Medical Education in the UK—The Evidence, Current Trends, and Future Scope’ Academic Radiology 2016

2 - Nyhsen et al. ‘Undergraduate Radiology teaching from the Students Perspective’ insights Imaging 2013
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