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The National COVID-19 Chest Imaging Database (NCCID): what is it and how you can participate
Poster Title: The National COVID-19 Chest Imaging Database (NCCID): what is it and how you can participate
Submitted on 15 Oct 2020
Author(s): Thomas Payne, Mark Halling-Brown, NCCID Collaborative
Affiliations: Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust (RSNFT)
This poster was presented at BIR Annual Congress 2020
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Poster Information
Abstract: The National COVID-19 Chest Imaging Database (NCCID) was created in response to the COVID-19 crisis. It aims to aid development of automated analysis technologies, and to promote COVID-19 research projects. The NCCID is a centralised UK database containing X-Ray, CT and MRI images from hospital patients across the country. It is a joint initiative established by NHSX, the British Society of Thoracic Imaging (BSTI), Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust (RSNFT). The RSNFT set up and manage many existing databases, including OPTIMAM.
All data transferred from clinical sites to the central image database is fully de-identified. Researchers have no access to identifiable information. The NHS/CHI number is encrypted using an AES encryption algorithm and a complex salt. This encryption is stored at RSNFT and access is maintained by named data managers only. The final location for the data is a centralised cloud, managed by NHSX, owned by NHSE.
Sites are asked to collect clinical data points per patient in a spreadsheet which is uploaded to the NCCID web portal. They must also send imaging to a dedicated NCCID Node on Image Exchange Portal.
Around 70 hospitals currently contribute with 16,573 patient datasets. This comprises 24,552 X-Rays, 3,796 CT and 20 MRI studies.
Potential applications of the NCCID: develop image processing software, mathematical modelling, AI validation, radiology teaching resource. With no cure as of yet, there remains a risk of further COVID-19 outbreaks. We therefore encourage any centres not yet involved to participate. Email to get started.
Summary: A Poster advertising the National COVID-19 Chest Imaging Database (NCCID). We explain what it is and how it works, and invite potential researchers to contribute, either by participating in data collection if their centre is not yet uploading, or by accessing the database for their own projects. References: N/AReport abuse »
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