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The Role of G-Quadruplex Structures in DNA, Ligands That Affect Them and Their Effect on Human Health and Disease: A Review of Recent Literature and A Proposal
Poster Title: The Role of G-Quadruplex Structures in DNA, Ligands That Affect Them and Their Effect on Human Health and Disease: A Review of Recent Literature and A Proposal
Submitted on 19 Jul 2018
Author(s): Zev Leifer, Ph.D.
Affiliations: New York College of Podiatric Medicine
This poster was presented at Labroots Online Conference on Genetics and Genomics 2018
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Abstract: ABSTRACT
DNA can assume many unusual local conformational variations, over and above the canonical Watson-Crick double helix. One such structure is the G-Quadruplex, formed from a single strand of DNA that contains tracts of guanines (G) that form quartets and stacks of quartets. They have been found in telomeres and promotor sites. They have a role in replication. Thus, they have attracted considerable interest. Furthermore, they have been shown to have a role in a number of human diseases, including Fanconi's Anemia, Werner's Syndrome and Bloom's Syndrome. There are suggestions of a role in cancer, as well. There are a number of small molecule ligands that target G-quadruplexes, affecting either the structure itself or the ability of proteins to bind directly or nearby. This, in turn, has lead to attempts to find or synthesize new and better molecules which can be used as drugs coupled with the search for new drugable targets. This poster presents a summary of these findings in the literature and a sample of relevant citations. A proposal is discussed that suggests that these studies form part of a larger world of DNA structural changes that can be induced by small molecule ligands, especially in so far as these changes affect the binding of regulatory proteins. Furthermore, it may be possible to identify ligands that can reverse the effects of ligands that have pathological effects and thereby achieve an amelioration or cure of that condition.
Summary: This poster is part of an ongoing study of small molecule ligands that affect DNA structure and the effect of that change on protein binding. This date will be included in the author's wiki: Small Molecules and DNA Structure REFERENCES
Rhodes and Lipps. Nucl. Acids Res.
43: 8627-8637 (2015)
Ruggiero and Richter
Nucl. Acids Res: 3270-3283 (2018)
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