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The Use of Virtual Microscopy, Slide Modification and a Wiki in Pathology Education
Poster Title: The Use of Virtual Microscopy, Slide Modification and a Wiki in Pathology Education
Submitted on 28 Jan 2018
Author(s): Zev Leifer, Ph.D.
Affiliations: New York College of Podiatric Medicine
This poster was presented at Pathology Visions 2013 (Dig. Path. Assn)
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Poster Information
Abstract: The Use of Virtual Microscopy, Slide Modification and a Wiki in
Pathology Education
The New York College of Podiatric Medicine has adopted the Virtual
Microscopy platform for the education of its medical students, in the
(Histology Lab and in the) Pathology Lab. We converted our glass
slide Pathology collection to the VM system (Olympus) and present a
sixteen week course in Basic Mechanisms and Systemic Pathology.
Several techniques have enhanced the presentation of this material.
First, the ability to bring up, side by side, normal tissue and "patient's"
pathology. In this digital environment, sample slides from collections
at other universities can be accessed and studied. Second, the
students can modify the slides - cut and paste significant areas,
annotate, underline, circle, add arrows and preserve their
value-added version of the slide. Third, I created (via a commercial
website) a wiki, whereby the students can all access the same site,
enter their modified slides and make them available to all. They can
be shared and studied by all, and be modified and improved by all.
It is hereby proposed that this model can be followed to good
advantage by other medical institutions as part of their Pathology
education. Furthermore, this is presented as a paradigm for the
Digital Pathology professional environment, as a means of sharing
slides, preserving slides, highlighting and discussing significant
observations in a format that is independent of geographical or time
limitation. The Wiki:
Summary: This poster describes methods used in my Pathology Lab course using the new techniques of Digital Pathology.Report abuse »
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