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Thyroid Hormone Resistance Diagnosis in an Octogenarian - A Case Report
Poster Title: Thyroid Hormone Resistance Diagnosis in an Octogenarian - A Case Report
Submitted on 25 Feb 2023
Author(s): Alamin Alkundi, Rabiu Momoh
Affiliations: East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust, UK
This poster was presented at 54th Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa (SEMDSA) Congress 2021
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Poster Information
Abstract: Resistance to thyroid hormone disease is a rare clinical condition and
manifests biochemically as persistent hyperthyroxinemia with unsuppressed or partially suppressed thyroid stimulating hormone
levels. Genetic inheritance pattern has been described for this syndromic condition.

We report the case of an elderly female with long standing abnormal thyroid function on a past medical history of refractory atrial fibrillation and amiodarone use that was followed up close to a decade. Follow up care culminated in genetic testing that confirmed thyroid hormone resistance in her. Amiodarone induced thyroid dysfunction was retrospectively noted to have masked the chances of making an earlier thyroid hormone resistance diagnosis in her.
Summary: A rare case of amiodarone-induced thyroid dysfunction masking a resistance to thyroid hormone syndrome diagnosis in an octogenarian is presented.Report abuse »
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