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Time to verify trauma CT reports: assessing compliance with the RCR Guideline
Poster Title: Time to verify trauma CT reports: assessing compliance with the RCR Guideline
Submitted on 14 Sep 2018
Author(s): Riddhika Chakravartty, Richard Sennett, Andrew F Ceccherini
Affiliations: East Surrey Hospital
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Abstract: Standard:
The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) guideline recommend that on call radiologists should provide verified CT reports for trauma within 1 hour of CT image acquisition.

100% compliance for trauma CTs performed both within working hours (hospital consultants) and out of hours (tele medicine service).

This retrospective audit assessed all CTs performed with ‘trauma’ on the request, filtered from RIS highlighting series of Head, Cervical Spine, Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis imaging . Requests were reviewed to exclude oncological imaging and divided into two service groups: within working hours were requested between 08:01 -19:30 hours while out of hours requested between 19:31-08:00.
Times for image acquisition completion and report finalisation, available from RIS, were compared.


Cycle 1 Intervention Cycle 2
Period Apr – Jun 2016 A tick box was added to PACS for the radiographers to highlight trauma CTs to reporting radiologists. Jan – Mar 2018
Total number of Trauma CTs performed 98 181
% verified in 1 hour 37 80
% verified in working hours service 37 65
% verified in out of hours service 33 89
Issue identified Poor communication PACS delays

There was demonstrable improvement in compliance with the RCR guideline for CT trauma reporting between the cycles with the tick box intervention. However there remains scope for further improvement based on identifying and working on PACS delay issues.
Summary: This is an audit assessing the compliance of trauma CT reporting at a District General Hospital with the RCR Guidelines. Issues affecing compliance are discussed.References: RCR Standards for Practice and Guidance on Trauma Radiology in Severely Injured Patients (2 ed)Report abuse »
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