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Ultrasound in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: A Re-Audit of Local Practice.
Poster Title: Ultrasound in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: A Re-Audit of Local Practice.
Submitted on 09 Oct 2020
Author(s): Ken Vin Wong, Dharshanan Raj Selva Raj, Anjali Nandakumar
Affiliations: Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
This poster was presented at BIR Annual Congress 2020
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Abstract: Title:
Ultrasound in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer – A Re-Audit of Local Practice.

Ovarian cancer was the sixth most commonly diagnosed cancer in women in Scotland in 2017. Screening for ovarian cancer is not routinely performed in the general population, however ultrasound is the imaging modality used in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer, with CT used for subsequent staging. The RMI (Risk of Malignancy Index) is calculated including ultrasound findings.

We included all patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer between 1/7/2018 to 30/6/2019 who underwent imaging in radiology departments across NHS Grampian and evaluated reports mentioning criteria required for RMI score calculation - Bilateral lesions, Ascites, Solid areas, Intraabdominal metastases and Septated/multilocular cysts. Targets were for 95% of reports to mention these criteria, and for all (100%) patients to undergo CT for staging.

55 patients were evaluated, of which 30 had initial ultrasound imaging, whereas the rest were diagnosed by CT first. 52 (98%) had follow-up CT imaging within the allotted timeframe after gynaecology referral was made, except for a borderline case in 1 young patient. 20/30 (67%) of reports mentioned ≥2/5 criteria - the minimum required to calculate the Risk of Malignancy Index (RMI), and 4/30 (13%) patients had more than 4/5 criteria reported.

The target for the audit was not met. Action plans included raising awareness of need for criteria to be reported in ovarian ultrasound reports for RMI calculation, and introducing posters in the radiology department detailing the criteria using the BASIS mnemonic as an aide-memoire.
Summary: Poster titled "Ultrasound in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer – A Re-Audit of Local Practice" presented at the BIR Annual Congress 2020.References: 1. Office of National Statistics. Cancer Incidence and Prevalence in Scotland (to December 2017). Published 30 Apr 2019. Available from:
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