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Unusual presentation of Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor: case report
Poster Title: Unusual presentation of Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor: case report
Submitted on 23 Feb 2019
Author(s): mohamed osama mostafa
Affiliations: faculty of dentistry , Beni-Suef University
This poster was presented at scientific day - faculty of dentistry - cairo university
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Poster Information
Abstract: Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) is a benign odontogenic lesion that affects young patients and associated with an impacted tooth, usually canine. (AOT) represents 3–7% of all odontogenic tumors. This is a case report of unusual presentation of (AOT) of 14 years old patient with diverse interesting clinical and histological findings.Summary: Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) is an uncommon benign
odontogenic tumor that affects young patients. It represents 3–7% of
all odontogenic tumors (1). The tumor appears as painless, noninvasive,
and slowly-growing tumor that does not infiltrate bone (2).
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