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Using Technology to Flip an Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry Course
Poster Title: Using Technology to Flip an Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry Course
Submitted on 26 Feb 2014
Author(s): Neil Fitzgerald and Luisa Li
Affiliations: Marist College
This poster was presented at Pittcon 2014
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Poster Information
Abstract: This poster describes the design and implementation of a blended analytical chemistry course. The redesign applied to the lecture portion of the course. The objective of the approach was to improve students’ quantitative problem solving and conceptual understanding of the material in a junior-level undergraduate analytical chemistry course.
The redesigned course was inspired by the flipped classroom concept. Lecture materials were made available online to accompany a free online textbook. The online materials incorporated text, graphics, and video clips embedded in publicly available Prezi presentations. Prezi presentations provide a mechanism for guiding learners through the self-study learning path paved with animated concepts linked in a non-linear knowledge structure while allowing them to “dip” in and out of materials as they wish. The class period included short tests to ensure students were familiar with assigned content, a short review and question session, and one or two multiple choice questions to test knowledge of concepts. The majority of classroom time involved students working in small teams to solve online homework questions with the guidance of the instructor. Students were assessed using graded online homework, short-answer written tests and a standardized American Chemical Society (ACS) multiple-choice test. The success of the approach was assessed by pre- and post-course questionnaires and student performance on the ACS test compared to previous years. This presentation will report on the findings of this approach in terms of student learning and attitude.
Summary: Using Technology to Flip an Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry CourseReferences: Available at

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