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Virtual Screening
Poster Title: Virtual Screening
Submitted on 27 Jan 2021
Author(s): MedAI
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Abstract: Virtual screening (VS) is also called computer screening, which uses the molecular docking software on the computer to simulate the interaction between the target and the drug candidate before biological activity screening, and then calculates the affinity between them. Virtual screening is active compound screening based on small-molecule databases. By using molecular docking between small molecule compounds and drug targets, virtual screening can quickly screen millions of molecules, which greatly reduces the number of experiments, shortens the research cycle, and reduces the cost of drug development. It is reported that the positive rate of virtual screening is 5%-30%. Virtual screening has emerged as a very promising tool for drug development.

Summary: In principle, virtual screening can be divided into two categories, namely receptor-based virtual screening and ligand-based virtual screening.References: abuse »
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