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Virtual Screening
Poster Title: Virtual Screening
Submitted on 05 Apr 2022
Author(s): BOC Sciences
Affiliations: BOC Sciences
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Poster Information
Abstract: Virtual screening has been widely applied in early-stage drug discovery. As an alternative or complementary approach to high-throughput screening (HTS) assays with high cost and low hit rate, virtual screening is an efficient computational method to identify drug candidates in silico from large chemical compound databases. Its usefulness has been verified by current applications that successfully retrieved hit and lead identifications against various disease targets.Summary: BOC Sciences can provide you high-quality service using the virtual screening method in early-stage drug discovery. According to your requirements, we find out compounds with a required biological activity in the database. With the virtual screening method, virtually millions of compounds can be screened for hit identification, which can improve your efficiency of drug discovery.References: abuse »
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