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Web Server For DDI Reliability
Web Server For DDI Reliability
Submitted on 02 Aug 2018

Dekai Rohlsen, Feng Cheng
University of South Florida
This poster was presented at USF Health Research Day 2018
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Poster Abstract
Identifying drug-drug interaction (DDI) is an important topic for the development of safe Pharmaceutical drugs and for the optimization of multidrug regimens for complex diseases. Poly-pharmacy increases the risk of DDIs. A pharmacokinetic interaction may occur if one drug affects the absorption, distribution, metabolism, or excretion (ADME) of another drug when two drugs given together. In this project, we construct a web server for predicting and showing possible pharmacokinetic DDIs between two drugs. We also introduced a reliability score to evaluate the probability of these DDIs. Our web server has the potential to help users better understand the mechanism of a pharmacokinetic DDI.

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