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What is Artificial Intelligence?
Poster Title: What is Artificial Intelligence?
Submitted on 28 Aug 2020
Author(s): AI & Medicine
Affiliations: AI & Medicine
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Abstract: Within life sciences, AI is applied to four major approaches:

Machine learning: Processes that analyze input data and then repeatedly optimize their methods based on generated outputs
Deep learning: A machine-learning-based approach that utilizes a logic structure akin to biological neural networks
Natural language processing: A refined automatic speech recognition system that is able to interact with people through dialogue, going beyond simple reactions to well-stylized user requests
Robotics and the internet of things: Integration of devices to collect, combine and share different types of information
Drug R&D is a very complicated, costly and time-consuming attempt. AI and machine learning used in the early stages of drug discovery and development has the potential for various needs. Through big data analysis and other technical means, this AI-powered drug discovery platform can quickly and accurately mine data and select the appropriate lead compounds. Compared with traditional methods, AI system can help customers save the cost of screening candidates by tens of billions every year, which can be widely used in various scenarios regarding drug development.
Summary: Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform the pharmaceutical industry. There are a growing number of applications that address target and drug discovery, preclinical and clinical development, and post-approval activities using AI technologies. The use of AI in life sciences, especially in the field of drug discovery, is set to become widespread within the next decade.References: abuse »
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