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X-ray Crystallography
Poster Title: X-ray Crystallography
Submitted on 26 Nov 2021
Author(s): Creative BioMart
Affiliations: Creative BioMart
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Abstract: X-ray crystal structures can also explain the unusual electronic or elastic properties of a material, shed light on chemical interactions and processes, or function as the basis for designing pharmaceuticals against diseases. In particular, protein have been extensively put into structure determination by X-ray crystallography, which is also employed routinely in determining how a pharmaceutical drug interacts with its protein target and what changes might improve it. X-ray crystallography method has advantages of no damage to samples, free of pollution, low environmental requirements, high performance and precision over other measuring tools. These advantages make X-ray crystallography the most convenient and important manner to investigate the microstructure of materials.Summary: X-ray crystallography is a technique used for determining the high-resolution, three-dimensional crystal structures of atom and molecules and has been fundamental in the development of many scientific fields. References: abuse »
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