ACD/Labs Scientific Posters
Bacteriophage 2017
Biomedical Engineering: problem solving using clinical and biomedical applications
BIR Annual Congress 2016
Developing antibiotic alternatives: A discussion of new approaches to overcoming antimicrobial resistance
GE Healthcare
Improving techniques and technology for cellular and molecular pathology
Innate Immunity: The first line of defence
Innovations in wound healing and wound management
LECO Corporation
Meeting the Challenge of Healthy Ageing in the 21st Century
Moving forward with stem cell therapy
Pregnancy and Childbirth: Discussing current academic research and clinical expertise  to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
Promega Corporation – Scientific Posters
Reproductive health and fertility: research advances and clinical challenges
The 2017 Forensic Forums
The 2017 Sports Science Summit
The obesity epidemic: Discussing the global health crisis
The PINKconcussions International Summit on Female Concussion and TBI
Three-dimensional cell culture: Innovations in tissue scaffolds and biomimetic systems
USF Health Research Day 2017

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